In the ever-evolving landscape of SEO, achieving substantial growth in organic traffic within a short span is a formidable challenge. Yet, in the following case study, we delve into the remarkable journey of a pet-focused e-commerce brand that defied the odds.

Having struggled to make a mark in the digital realm despite investing heavily in a rebranding effort and transitioning to a new domain, our client’s initial foray into online retail left them at a crossroads.

Their encounter with a “reputable” SEO agency yielded little to no results, and the allure of major pet industry giants like Chewy and Petsmart seemed insurmountable. However, in just three months, our SEO agency embarked on a transformative journey that would catapult our client’s organic traffic by an astonishing 900%.

Client Background

This E-commerce company was selling a variety of pet care products. Initially, they had hired a “reputable” SEO agency but failed to gain significant organic traction. Their organic traffic and revenue were stagnant, and despite spending heavily on rebranding and migrating to a new domain, their main revenue drivers remained Google Ads and Amazon, with minimal conversions. We began working with them in December 2022, and their organic traffic and revenue saw substantial improvements soon after.

Final Outcome

In a 6 month timeline we were able to rank some of our clients products above major petcare brands such as Chewy and Pet Smart. We were also able to rank most of target blog post keywords onto the first page.

This brand can now makes $1000s per month without ad spend.

Now, even if their amazon channel and paid advertising fails, they will have a compounding SEO channel to keep revenue coming in.


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Organic Revenue


Increase in KW Rankings

Project Goals

In order to increase organic traffic and revenue conversions, we set specific goals for optimizing their website:

Increase organic traffic and revenue.

Improve website structure and user experience.

Optimize technical SEO elements.

Enhance content quality and relevance

Conduct thorough keyword research and mapping.

Build a strong and relevant backlink profile.

Our Strategy

We conducted a comprehensive website audit to identify areas for improvement:

Design/UX & Structure: Assessed the website’s structure and user experience.

Technical: Identified technical issues like broken links, site speed, and mobile optimization.

Competitors: Analyzed competitors’ keywords, content, and backlinks.

Content Audit: Evaluated content performance, targeting, and on-page issues.

Backlink Profile Review: Reviewed the quality and relevance of backlinks.

Keyword Research: Ensured keywords align with the brand and products.

Project Solutions

Structure Optimization

One of the most noticeable issues we found right away was that All the products were listed on one “Shop” page. Organizing products into separate collection or category pages is essential for ecommerce stores as it allows precise keyword targeting, boosting SEO efforts. This approach improves user experience, helping customers find products easily, and enables targeted marketing strategies. Additionally, it enhances visibility in search results, potentially attracting more organic traffic.

Restructured the website architecture, optimizing category and product pages to target specific keywords, enhance navigation, improve user experience and SEO.

Technical SEO

Evaluate the website’s technical infrastructure, as we look to fix the foundation of the site first as everything is generally built off of this. We want to check and address technical issues that could hinder search engine crawlers or user experience.

Fixed site speed issues, deindexed unnecessary pages to improve crawl budget, corrected broken links, and optimized JavaScript.

Content Audit and Optimization

Since there was already content on the site before we took over, we need to run a content audit to see how it has been performing and if anything needs to be optimized or deleted. While there wasn’t much content on the site, we found a number of issues with what had already been built. Their content wasn’t generating any organic traffic, and we needed to figure out why.

We were able to optimize the existing content in a number of ways:
-Added relevant keywords,
-fixed structure and readability issues
-added internal/external links
-Deleted or combined low performing or thin content
-Added clear CTAs throughout

KW Research and Content Creation

Keyword research is vital for an Ecommerce brand because it helps identify the specific terms and phrases potential customers use when searching for products online. By optimizing their website and content with these keywords, brands can increase their visibility in search engine results, attract targeted traffic, and ultimately boost sales.

But done wrong? Or keywords placed on the wrong pages. You will end up with a lot of useless traffic that doesnt convert.

Mapped keywords throughout the website to optimize for intent and relevance. We also performed keyword research so that we could build supporting blog content for our product and category pages.

For example, product pages or collection pages should include commercial or buyer intent keywords. Blog posts should generally contain informational keywords that compliment the customers journey while they research the product. Targeting the wrong traffic can bring the wrong type of traffic to your page that doesnt convert into sales

Backlink Audit and Building

The goal of link building is to improve a website’s search engine rankings, increase its online visibility, and drive more organic traffic. Search engines like Google consider backlinks as votes of confidence in the quality and relevance of your content.

We noticed that this client had a decent link profile, they havent been consistently building. So the next step was to do conduct research and outreach to find contact qualified publications.

Before we can start building links to the website, there were a few things we noticed from our link audit. While we didn’t find too many spammy links, we had noticed a number of broken backlinks that needed to be rediretcted. These were not properly redirected when the site was migrated from the old domain months ago. This meant these publications were no longer passing us juice.

We were able to fix these broken backlinks and aquire new high-quality links through targeted outreach. This is important because building the wrong links could potentially penalize and crumble your site if done wrong.

Competitor Analysis

Analyzing your competitors to identify their strengths and weaknesses can help you refine or plan your own approach. This can provide valuable insights into untapped opportunities, specifically with kw research and link building.

We want to find who we are competing against not only to have idea of what we are up against but this give us a clear idea of what is working in the eyes of Google.

We were able to find multiple competitors (similar products and targeted keywords) with a lower domain authority score and with a higher number of traffic and keyword rankings. If your competitor is ranking for similar keywords with a lower authority score than yours, then you can most likely rank for the same.

Just by looking at similar product and collection pages on the first page of google, we can identify what commercial keywords our competitors are targeting and build off of that.


“Working with TRA has been a game-changer for our business. In just three months, we saw a remarkable 300% increase in organic traffic and successfully ranked over 3000 new keywords. Their team’s expertise in creating new content and consistent link-building efforts were instrumental in this achievement. Additionally, by optimizing our existing pages and crafting supporting blog content, we managed to get several of our products to rank on page 1. The results have exceeded our expectations and significantly boosted our online presence.”

Kyle B – CEO

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